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The Brain from Top to Bottom, an amazing interactive guide

One of the biggest issues with neuroscience is that it is an incredibly diverse field with all kinds of ways you can approach the brain.  Sometimes, this makes it very difficult to put everything together and see how everything is interconnected.

Another problem arises when people from various educational backgrounds attempt to understand the brain.  It can be very difficult to tailor information to satisfy an audience with many different levels of intelligence, interest, and knowledge.

This website does a great job of dealing with both of these.  It comes out of the fantastic neuroscience program at McGill University, and presents the user with a wide range of information about the nervous system.  Moreover, you can choose what "level of expertise" you would like to see regarding the various things you'll be learning about.

This is an incredibly cool website with a great mission, and I think you should all give it a go, and then thank McGill for being so awesome!


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