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An inside look into some sweet 3-D magic

Check out the above video for a really interesting look into the incredibly complex and beautiful visual effects in Tron 2.0.  An insane amount of the movie is created using computer graphics, including most of the environments, the coolest parts  of the battle scenes, and even some of the main characters.

It takes a ridiculous amount of effort and detail to come up with each scene, and this gives a pretty interesting idea as to some of the steps that are involved in bringing together a movie this visually rich and unique.  Almost equally as impressive is that some of the stunts are actually done by human beings as well, they're only enhanced for extra eye-candy dazzle.  (for a quick e-digression, here's the wikipedia article on "tricking" aka throwing yourself in the midair and twisting about as though caught in an invisible washing machine).

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this beautiful look into the underbelly of Tron.  It may be a completely fantastical view of what the inside of a computer looks like (it's also beautiful, just in a slightly less violent way), but I certainly can't complain about colorful explosions and magical flying motorbikes...

(For those of you who haven't seen the movie, you may want to hold off unless you're willing to see a spoiler or two)

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