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Visualizing the field of neuroscience

After an incredibly long and soul-draining travel season, I was pleased to be rewarded with this fascinating new website that lets you get a visual overview of nearly any field within Neuroscience.

It's called brainSCANr, and while it's still in Beta, it provides a way to quickly and easily figure out what fields and concepts are related for a given topic related to brain science.  Essentially, it indexes thousands of papers in the scientific literature, and creates a score of how related they are based off of how often various words co-occur within the same paper.

Granted, it's not a perfect system for this kind of job, but it does surprisingly well at providing topics that you might want to pursue further if you're hoping to traverse new territory or learn something new about the mind.

Give it a shot, though be warned, it can be a little addicting!  Just throw in a little Wikipedia and you may end up losing the next 3 hours of your life...


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