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The world’s coolest magnifying glass

So I'm tempted to describe this video using a bunch of physics jargon, complete with discussions about how much energy is contained within sunlight and how useful it could be if we were to make more efficient use of that energy, but I think this video can be summed up in much simpler terms.

Really, this video is about setting things on fire with little more than a fancy magnifying glass.  Do you really need more description to want to watch?  How about this: there is currently not a single material we know of that can withstand this kind of heat!  Talk about an untapped power of the universe...

For those who are curious, it comes from the Solar Furnace Research Facility in Southern France.  Unfortunately, the awesomeness of this video makes it almost impossible to find information on them, but I'll keep you updated if any other mind-boggling feats of the sun get unearthed!

via Bang Goes the Theory

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