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What’s it like to slowly lose the ability to speak? A first-person account.

This is an absolutely amazing piece of writing by Tom Lubbock, a long-time journalist and author.  It begins just as he has received some terrible news: he's got a brain tumor, and only has a year or two to live.  Moreover, the tumor is located near a region of his brain that is dedicated to speech production and comprehension (my guess is either Broca's Area or Wernicke's Area ).

True to his nature, Tom decides to keep a journal detailing his experiences during this troubling time.  He touches on thoughts about his own mortality, his relationship with the people around him, and how these relationships change as he slowly loses the ability to communicate.

I'm blown away by how much humanity comes through in this short piece of writing, and I urge you all to check it out.  Maybe we can all take a more appreciative look at our own mental faculties after having seen this man's experience.

via The Guardian

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  1. If you liked this work then you would probably enjoy Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom – it’s based on meetings he had with his college professor who was suffering from ALS. It is well written and a great piece to make you think about how much control your perception can have over your experience of physical degeneration.

  2. That sounds really cool – I’ll definitely pick up a copy!

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