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I know it's been quite some time since my last post, but unfortunately I wasn't able to sneak blogging into my schedule between mouthfuls of turkey and gallons of eggnog.  Given that I am still in a mild post-turkey state of lethargy, I'm going to forego writing anything and instead give you a link to an absolutely amazing commencement speech I recently heard.

The speaker is David Foster Wallace, an fantastic and enlightening author that clearly understands more about the world than I could ever aspire to.  Describing his speech would sort of counterproductive, so I'll just appeal to two things.  One, it gives a glimpse at how to be a better person (in the real sense, not the fake self-help book sense), and two, it comes across as one of the most honest speeches I've heard.  Give it a listen, I know you'll be impressed!

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