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The Unintuitive Mind

Here's a really interesting TEDx talk given by Dan Simon at the University of Illinois.  Dr. Simon studies visual attention and perception, among other things, but the topic of this talk touches on a subject that is a bit more abstract.  He discusses the types of behavior we see when people do things, say things, or perceive things that logic tells us they shouldn't.  Put simply, he is interested in understanding the ways in humans act unintuitively.

He gives a number of examples that by now are very well known in psychological literature (the gorilla ball game is one of my favorites), but I think that his talk as something very important to say about our attempts to understand humans.

In attempting to investigate the ways in which our actions don't make sense from a rational or intuitive standpoint, we can say something very important about the underlying mechanisms (be they at the neural level or the psychological level) that cause people to do the things that they do.

I can't help but think of economics when I see a lecture like this one, since it seems that our most popular modern theories in this field have assumed that humans are rational and relatively all-knowing creatures that can act in an efficient and sensible manner.  Now, I don't think it should take a well-established career and tenure to be able to understand that humans are far from the rational creatures that many economists would like, but perhaps instead we should just should them some of the examples in this talk...


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