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What hue will you choose?

Given the aging nature of my last couple of blog posts, I wanted to include one more link to an article that I thought was very thought-provoking, realistic, and honest.  Granted, I've got just a paltry 23 years under my belt (I've only outlived a total of 3 cats...I think I can do better than that), but this article came off to me as an accurate and personal account of one man's experiences with father time.

I like it for a lot of reasons, but I think most importantly is the fact that he doesn't make judgment as to the content of the article (his life), he merely reports them.  And that's what life is, ultimately...just a series of events, painfully neutral and matter-of-fact in nature, colored in by your own emotions and perception of them.

Ultimately, this means that life is what we make it.  Whether your years have been filled with happiness or not is in many ways a product of your own outlook.  It is guided by your approach to the world rather than what the world throws at you.

You often have the option of choosing what reality you perceive.  For this man, and I would hope for the rest of us, the choice was clear.

via Men's Journal

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