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Nature is awesome! Lasers are awesome! Together, they’re really awesome!

Here's a really cool video of what happens when you illuminate a drop of plant water with  a high-powered laser in a dark room.  The creator of this amazing video apparently saw a picture of a mosquito being struck by a laser pointer, and this is what they answered with.

One suggestion that somebody made was to take two different lasers, say, one red and one green, and shine them on a drop of water with the same setup as this one (only with a slight distance between the two).  If you wore those red/green differently colored glasses that they used to give out, would you be able to see the images in 3-D?  Somebody with lasers needs to try this right now.

Either way, this is the kind of hands-on experiment that could be used in any number of school classrooms.  Something like this might have made studying electromagnetism in college a bit more bearable.


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  1. Did the curiosity lead to anything with the cat…?

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