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A Roadmap of the Brain

A new milestone has been reached in our understanding of brain anatomy and connectivity.

Researchers at IBM have recently released their latest findings in an ongoing study to map and analyze the macaque brain.  The result synthesizes the findings of hundreds of studies on macaque brain anatomy, ending up with an elaborate wiring diagram of our furry little ancestor's brains.

While no-one seems to be quite sure what it all means, it is certainly an important step in how that connectivity is related to the way their (and our) brains work.

Additionally, this study serves as a lesson in the importance of collaboration - perhaps my favorite thing about their research.  Being able to use the data from other research studies allowed this team to compile something that would have been prohibitively difficult to do alone.  Hooray for science!  Hooray for sharing!  Hooray for brains!

via Kurzweil's Blog

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  1. aww man… kind of sad. thought you would summarize and cite the original source (the PNAS article).

  2. Haha very funny – actually I wanted to link to the lead guy’s original blog, but there’s no way to link to just the one post, you can only link to his front page so this had to do. I guess doing it this way is kinda cheating, huh?

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